Word has it that; when the Ottoman army started to conquer Bursa, Bursa castle has been under blockade for many years. As the time of blockade lengthen, the soldiers become low-spirited. Some soldiers from Ottoman army started to play with their sword and shields with 2,4,6 or 8 people in order to demoralize Byzantine soldiers and moralize Ottoman soldiers. Time to time those sounds of the movements become a rhythm. The city of Bursa was under blockade for long years. After that time Bursa has been retaken from Byzantines at 6th April 1326 without any fight and after a short time it has been named as a capital city of Ottoman Empire. Young soldiers of Ottoman make those figures a folk dance, which has been played at the time of blockade. The sound, which occur when sword hits to shield becomes the rhythm of this folk dance. At the year 1326 this play becomes a folk dance, which is played at the time of sending young men to soldiership, special days and festivals.

The deceased founder of “Sword and Shield Folk Dance” Mustafa Tahtakıran has transplanted this play without losing its’ originality.  Then he establishes the “Sword and Shield Folk Dances Association” at the year of 1956. While Mustafa Tahtakıran has tried to float this folk dance at schools, Sword and Shield has been blown like a storm during the years of 1950 and 1970. Fist abroad experience of this folk dance has been performed on 1958 at Pakistan. At the year of 1960 in Llangollen/England, 1969 Kartaca/Tunisia and 2012 Llangollen/England, sword and shield has gained 3 championships which is approved from Republic of Turkey.

While Mustafa Tahtakıran close his eyes to the world,by leaving a huge folk dance which is the logo of the city.


( Kurucumuz )           Mustafa TAHTAKIRANBiography of Our Founder Mustafa TAHTAKIRAN

Mustafa TAHTAKIRAN was born in Bursa in 1906, learned this game from his teachers while he was attending to the highschool. He spent his life for taking this game to the stage. He presented two worldchampionships to Bursa as a leader of his team. He could get the result after hand efforts as an amateur player. He died in 3rd of July 1973. When he was 67 years old, he left a big memory as in the metropolitan city Bursa’s amblem. We appreciated him and always remember him deep respect in our hearts.